I am interested by the feats of Computer Science now presented to our Generation. One particular aspect that I certainly see rapidly developing within the next decade is that of the Connected Home. We are seeing the gradual use of robots in cleaning, and in every day life, such as a robototic hoover, mower and even those which can run, talk and think for themselves. We truly are in the age of technology. We are slowly seeing these ‘devices’ arriving on our doorsteps, such as computers being used in Solar Panels, where with an app, you can see what the usage was, or how much you have contributed to the National Grid. Standards are being created, such as X10, which attributes to the ‘Connected Home’, with electronic devices, such as lamps and others able to be controlled from the comfort of your computer, tablet device or phone. A particular device I find ‘intelligent’ is Nest which learns over time your heating/cooling preferences, and can predict that given the time of year, day and conditions, what temperatures you would prefer. It’s little things such as this which contribute to the wider picture of the Connected Home.