Final Year Project

As part of my studies at the University of Birmingham, my Project is based around the implementation of an eLearning platform, which encourages the use of peer learning, through quizzes, similar to the Peerwise system. In comparison, explanations will be compulsory and unlike Peerwise, we endorse the use of URLs, to reputable websites, which can be vetted by teaching staff, to further enhance the learning experience. Learning doesn’t just take place in the classroom anymore. Click Here to find out more.

SVN is my primary Source Control system, but I use Atlassian BitBucket, as mentioned below as a backup repository to ensure resilience and redundancy.


As part of my programming activities, I maintain a BitBucket account. At present, this only contain forks of GitHub projects, as I am in the process of migrating my core account from GitHub to BitBucket.

In addition, for my Final Year Project, I have an Atlassian JIRA installation which provides excellent Project Management, Issue and Version Control and Service Desk facilities, to show a true real-life development scenario. All versions of my Final Year Project will be based on issues/problems identified via JIRA.


I also maintain a GitHub account which contains some of the work I have done both at the University and outside. Some projects may be unavailable due to maintenance. These will be available soon.


I also maintain an application which I developed myself, for use within my home, to provide access to Domain Services, and give quick and easy access to system details, such as Operating System, Asset Tag and Location. I use the Microsoft .net Framework to allow easy maintainability and to ensure that all computers on my home network have the latest version.